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about private bookings 2019

English learners

All walking tours in our tour list 2019 are available for private bookings by groups and individuals, at special rates.  Please contact us to discuss your booking. 

We're happy to tailor routes and content for both individuals and groups.  We can make these as informal - or as serious - as you wish.  For example -

Fun  Maybe you're looking for a lighthearted day or evening out with a group of friends? Or arranging a staff outing? Even if you can't make time during the day, summer evening tours - perhaps followed by a meal or a drink - work very well.

Healthy Maybe you are a health or walking group? Just ask and we can make our walks as strenuous or easy as you wish! 

Educational  We can lead dicussion 'on the hoof', or outdoor workshops on a range of green themes in the city. See here for a few ideas.

English language Jean is a qualified English language teacher. A Greenyonder tour is a great way for students of English to extend and improve their language while visiting beautiful green spaces in the city centre.

Please ask and we will try to meet your needs.

"Thank you soooooo much for yet another brilliant tour!  Everyone was buzzing afterwards, saying how  much they enjoyed it." Pam, school reunion group, Edinburgh

"What a truly lovely day. It was a real "voyage of discovery". [Gardens] with such a diversity of styles, not knowing what you were going to produced next, and each adding to the whole enchantment of the day....The pace was perfect for me - thank you for asking. We are definitely up for any tours you organise next year as you also give the subject so much colour and bring it to life." Maggie, the Borders

"THANK YOU for providing such an intriguing and revelatory tour. .... You were just great, and your ears must still be ringing from all the appreciative comments from our Friends.." Alison, Friends of the National Galleries, Edinburgh

updated 3 January 2019