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2018: Greenyonder Tours' 10th Birthday!



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about greenyonder


Greenyonder Tours is an Edinburgh-based company, that's been offering short walking tours around the city since 2008: tours that bring you closer to people and places you'd be unlikely to encounter otherwise, all based on gardens and green space.


Edinburgh local Jean Bareham founded Greenyonder in summer 2008. Jean says: 'At first I had an idea of taking people to a mixture of gardens, from pretty, traditional gardens to those small, local ones that so often bind communities together. Then that extended to bringing in some social history, and a taking a look at what's happening in those local neighbourhoods today. I really pride myself on keeping up-to-date with the local communities we visit. So, although gardens, plants and green space still feature in the tours, guests can look forward to seeing a more people-centred side of Edinburgh too.'


Jenny Mugford will be leading Hidden Gardens of the Royal Mile tours over the Edinburgh Fringe. Jenny is a very talented florist and flower grower based in South Ayrshire, working throughout Scotland through her company Flowermug. She has a degree in Scottish Literature, and likes to explore the history, folklore and healing qualities of the materials she uses. Jenny was a very popular guide over last year's Fringe and we're delighted to welcome her back.


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updated 2 January 2019